Brand: Advanced Grow Labs

Hybridol SGC Vape Cartridge | 05g


Flower Eq: 154

Strain: Girls Scout Cookies

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Higher Collective - Willington
Higher Collective - Killingly
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About the brand :
Advanced Grow Labs

Advanced Grow Labs is committed to producing the highest quality pharmaceutical marijuana products for the patients of Connecticut They innovate and improve how they grow develop and refine products offering 100s of diverse naturally developed products aimed to provide patients with the options they need to dose with medicine in an individual personal and discrete mannerFacility of Size:40000 sq ft state-of-the-art facilityCultivated:Naturally-based and scientifically focused seed to harvest processes directed by AGL expert cultivatorsControlled:Every aspect of their indoor grow is carefully monitored and adjusted to enhance the natural development and growth of AGL flowersRegulated:Strictly regulated and thoroughly tested

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