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Yanira Wolfgang

Cannabis Store Owner & Manager - Higher Collective, Willington

Yanira, in addition to being the Dispensary Owner and Manager of Higher Collective’s  Willington dispensary, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has devoted her life  to helping people address their mental health needs. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Hartford, Yanira strongly supports causes including Mental Health, Women’s Empowerment, Recidivism, Leadership Development, and Cultural Competence within the Latino population. She holds a Master’s in Social Work from UConn and began her career as a mentor in the YMCA’s respite & therapeutic mentoring program. Later, she worked as a Multisystemic Therapist (MST) at NAFI, focusing on youth involved in the juvenile justice system. Additionally, Yanira has  served at the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Crec Polaris Center, Adelbrook, and Intercommunity. Presently, Yanira operates a private practice in Manchester, Connecticut, making a significant impact on people’s lives. Her compassionate nature and wealth of experience showcase her unyielding dedication to positive change, particularly in the realms of mental health and cultural competence.

Customer Reviews

Tara VollmarTara Vollmar
16:48 01 Feb 24
great guys!! hope to be back 🥊
Nonya BusinessNonya Business
00:01 05 Jan 24
11/10 Service, amazing staff and a welcoming, lovely atmosphere. I will be back!! The snow dog flower is to DIE for !!
Mr JMr J
16:10 02 Jan 24
Very friendly cannabis dispensary, super nice area with great parking, and they have a great selection. Every strain tastes so good! The budtenders make some solid recommendations, got one pack of pre rolls that tasted wicked floral and it slapped.
Erin CarlsonErin Carlson
12:53 30 Dec 23
Been here a few times. The staff seemed nice. However I bought a blue dream pre-roll yesterday, and the cap on top to keep it closed was broken and taped back on. Which wasn't the biggest deal I guess, but I have smoked blue dream more times than I can count, and this pre roll did not smell or taste like it or have the same effects, so now I am very skeptical about buying from here again.
Grabiel CuevasGrabiel Cuevas
21:00 16 Dec 23
Great experience, knowledgeable staff and down to earth owners. Looks like they've been updating their products and selection and mentioned they have some new stuff coming down the pipeline. Can't wait to see what they've got coming in the near future!
Martin EvansMartin Evans
15:28 28 Nov 23
From the outside the place does not look very inviting, as there are no windows. However, once inside it is very light and airy, and staff could not have been nicer. I had never tried cannabis products before, and one young woman in particular was really helpful, with advice on what to get, how to use it, etc. A very professional outfit, with a huge range of products. Highly recommended.
Martha AdamsMartha Adams
10:39 21 Nov 23
Higher Collective is staffed by a welcoming folks who are knowledgeable about their products and eager to help customers find exactly what they need! I had a great experience, it felt easy to ask questions and get the info I was looking for! Also, the physical space is so thoughtful designed and uniquely curated! Bravo Higher Collective! I'll definitely be back!

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