Members Get More with Our “High Flier” Loyalty Program

Elevate your shopping experience by becoming a rewards member – you’ll get points, perks and first access to products you love.

How It Works

Signing up is free and takes just a minute! Once you’re in, you’ll earn points redeemable for future purchases and enjoy exclusive benefits:

  1. Earn Points, Get Rewards – Earn 1 point for every $20 spent, equivalent to $1 back.

  2. Exclusive Deals & Offers – Receive the best deals directly, including special birthday offers, event invites, and more!

  3. Insider Perks – Be the first to know and get early access to new products.

Points Matrix

5 points

$5 off your purchase

Free Higher Collective Rolling Papers and a Higher Collective Lighter ( $10 Value)

10 points

$10 off your purchase

Free Higher Collective T-Shirt ($20 Value)

15 points

$15 off your purchase

Free Higher Collective T-Shirt, Rolling Papers and Lighter ( $30 Value)

20 points

$20 off your purchase

Free Higher Collective Hoodie ($40 Value)

50 points

$50 off your purchase

Free Higher Collective Hoodie, T-Shirt, Rolling Papers, and Lighter ($100 Value)

100 points

$100 off your purchase

Free Higher Collective Varsity Jacket ($200 Value)


How to Sign-Up

Signing up is easy! You can do this by filling out our signup form here.


  • Points never expire.
  • Can be combined with “Founders Club,” but points are based on ticket after FC discount.
  • Can be redeemed at any Higher Collective location in CT.
  • Can be combined with in-store bundles/promotions.


How do I join the High Flier Loyalty Program?

How do I check my balance?

How fast do points accumulate?

For every $20 spent, you’ll earn a point, which is equivalent to $1 cash back. You can redeem your rewards in increments of $5 as either cash back on a future purchase or use it toward cool Higher Collective merch!

What’s the value of my points?

  • 1 point equals $1, and points are redeemable in increments of $5.


How do I redeem points and apply them toward a purchase or in exchange for merch?

You can redeem your rewards points at any Higher Collective location. During checkout, provide your name and the phone number or email address associated with your membership account to the budtender who is assisting you. If you have 5 points or more in your account, you can choose to apply those points toward your purchase, or save them for later.

Do My Points Expire

Your points do not expire!

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