Brand: Wynk

Wynk Hemp-Derived Beverage | Mango | 5mg


1) A manufacturer hemp product;

(2) Subject to different testing standards than cannabis or marijuana; and

(3) Not marijuana cannabis or a cannabis product

WYNK Juicy Mango is bubbly and light like a breezy afternoon on a tropical beach with your best friends With WYNKs perfectly balanced ratio of THC:CBD you can expect a light bubbly buzz in 10-15 minutes And unlike an island getaway with friends WYNK has zero calories zero sugar and zero alcohol so you can hang tonight or any night without the dreaded alcohol hangover tomorrow

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About the brand :

A microdose of relaxation sans hangover Drink up chill out and expect a light buzz in about 20 minutes Refreshing all natural flavors sparkling with the essence of tempting fruit

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