Brand: AFG

AFG-NC(Device)-Pulsar Double Wall Perc Tube WP/16.75"

Make some colossal clouds with the Pulsar Double Wall Perc Tube Bong! This pipe stands over 16 inches tall and is made of durable borosilicate glass with a wide base for stability. An exterior fixed downstem leads into the matrix percolator for superb water filtration. Fill with water just above the perc to meet the base of the inner wall; as you inhale, water bubbles around the double-walled design for maximum smoke diffusion, slowly rising in the chamber once the slide is released. The inner wall of the chamber is highlighted with a subtle etched hemp leaf pattern and color accents can be seen around the mouthpiece and base rim. Each bong includes a matching 14mm male herb slide. Multiple color options are available. Details: 16.75 inches tall Borosilicate glass bong Straight tube body Double-walled design for preventing splashback Matrix percolator Etched hemp leaf pattern decoration Includes 14mm male herb slide Multiple colors available

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